Oroville FMC Updates

Oroville FMC Reopening Plans

As you are probably aware, we are still planning on having our first in person service again Sunday, Oct 4th. As you also know, things aren’t going to be exactly the same so we ask for your patience especially the first few weeks. If we can do our part so we don’t contribute to outbreaks, we can continue to have the option for in person meetings. Please know that if you choose not to come in person but to watch from home that is totally fine and if you are in a vulnerable health group or vulnerable age please know that is the recommended option. All of this info is just so we can lay out realistic expectations prior to opening our doors.
Here is what you can expect if you do come to services.

* There will be 1 entrance (Fir St. – Main Doors) but you’ll be able to exit either door at the end of service.
* Front door will open no earlier than 9:45 AM for our 10:15 AM Service
* Masks properly worn will be required before entry and masks will be available if you need one. (there will not be exceptions)
* If you are unable to wear a mask, you are welcome to watch the service online live or recorded, at home, and there will still be an option of listening to the service on the phone after it has been uploaded following the service.
* There will be one slight exception, Pastor Rod is planning to speak from behind a clear enclosure to ensure it’s easier for people to hear/see him speak and that is allowable under the current guidelines.
* There will be no coffee service provided
* Service will be shorter than before to limit the time spent in an enclosed space.
* Certain pews will be blocked off to try to maintain distance between people, families are welcome to sit together and ushers will help people with seating to maintain spacing.
* Once you are seated, please stay at your seat. Our aisles are too narrow for people passing unnecessarily.
* The balcony will be available with very limited seating due to spacing.
* The fellowship hall next door will also be open for seating.
* Our approximate seating limits are 50 for main building and 38 for Hall. If limits are met we unfortunately have no choice but to turn additional people away. We apologize in advance if that happens but aren’t expecting that to be an issue for a while
* There will be no offering collection during the service, but there will be an offering dropbox you can use before or after service.
* After the service is over, you will be excused by rows just like you would be for a wedding or funeral to limit the crowding at exits.
* If you want to visit after the service, outside is the preferred location as the foyer very quickly is crowded with people

Thank you all for your patience and continued support.

June 12 2020 Update

Reopening has been delayed temporarily. More details to follow tomorrow

June 5 2020 OFMC Update

While Okanogan County has moved forward to Phase 2 of the WA Safe Start Plan.  Oroville Free Methodist is not reopening this Sunday for in person meeting.  We will be continuing our online church as there are still practical and logistical issues that need to be addressed before we can safely reopen. Keep in mind, just because we are moving forward with reopening plans doesn’t mean we are not going to take great care to open safely for the benefit of the people we love.  

While there are still many details for us to work out, There are three key rules that will directly affect anyone who attends when we open again.

* Everyone, including staff and volunteers, must wear masks for the whole service.

* Minimum 6 foot distancing for all individuals EXCEPT families, who can sit together.

* Maximum of 50 people in a service.  

When we re-open, we intend to also Livestream and record the service since the number of in building attendees is so small.

In the past week there have been 17 new cases in Okanogan County and the US is nearing 110,00 deaths in the last 92 days. We have a responsibility to care for people and we are not taking this responsibility lightly.


April 2 2020 Update

Continued thanks to everyone continuing to participate in our weekly online service

It’s been a while so I thought I would give everyone a few updates for the week.

Pastor Rod is continuing to get his radiation and chemo treatments done every week day at Providence in Everett. Here is an update from Kathy from a few minutes ago while she waits for him at his appointment.
He’s having his 13th treatment today out of an expected 33. Chemo and radiation are zapping his energy (as expected) but he’s doing well otherwise. We had a virtual visit from his doctor’s staff yesterday and she said his bloodwork looks good. We miss everybody but are thankful for all who are taking care of the church family and have been so blessed by everyone’s care and concern and prayers.
Continue to keep Pastor Greg and Emily in your prayers, and also Pastor Rod and Kathy. I know for both of them that the need to connect with people is important to them and our current situation makes that personal connection tough to do for everyone.
Pastor Greg will be putting out things from time to time on Facebook and when he does I’ll re-post on our site and email for those that don’t use Facebook.
Here’s yesterday’s video. https://youtu.be/6v-zzL_ENAU
We are working on a plan to get groups of 5-7 people from our church to come together as “adopted families” so no one falls through the cracks and gets missed from week to week. We’ll be sending out the info on that, hopefully tomorrow. I also plan to try to update the directory so everyone has up to date info. I’ll be contacting people next week to get their info included.
Stay up to date at
Thanks again everyone

March 24 2020 Update

Thank you to everyone who participated in Sundays online service. Change is not always easy but sometimes it’s unavoidable. This weekend will follow a similar format, however because of the heavy congestion from every other church in the country trying to go live at the same time, we will probably publish the service in the middle of the night to assure its available. We will try to keep refreshing the things we are doing to keep people engaged. We fully understand that without the personal contact of church it’s not the same, but please step out of your comfort zone and connect with people however you can. Along those same lines, we’ve added a form to the front page of orovillefmc.org that you can volunteer to help or ask for help. We don’t know what this next month holds, however we can help each other and our community whenever possible.

* I am asking for some help. If you have names and or contact info for someone who has been coming to church but who’s info is not in last years church directory, please let me know so we can keep them informed. Because of so many unforseen events, we hadn’t been able to update the directory this spring.

Unfortunately I am sending sad news also. Gary Gebhart passed away on Saturday afternoon. Kasey is asking that people do not just stop by. You may email or send a card if you wish. No food or flowers, please. She greatly appreciates everyone that helped her out in his last month of life.